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Welcome to the Cass County, Michigan Court System

The Cass County Court System provides fair, just and timely case processing while ensuring due process of law for the citizens we serve.


Please click on the links below to lookup your case.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: If your name is not listed, but you have reason to believe that you should be in court, call the court to verify your court date. Failure to appear for a court date could result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest, dismissal of your case, or action being taken without your input.

Live Court Feeds & Dockets

Cass County Courts may use live YouTube Feeds to provide the public with access to Court hearings.




Cass County Court  Hearing Docket Schedules are updated every 30 minutes. Hearing dockets are subject to change without notice.


Below you will find a listing of phone and fax numbers for courts, then a list of judges and court staff. 



Law and Courts Building
60296 M-62
Cassopolis, MI 49031

Hours: 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday (except holidays, see holiday schedule here)

Effective June 1, 2018, the public service windows for the Courts are open from 8 am to 4:45 pm.
Please plan accordingly.

File Rooms for each Court

43rd Circuit Court File Room Phone: 269-445-4416
43rd Circuit Court File Room Fax: 269-445-4453            

4th District Court File Room Phone: 269-445-4424
4th District Court File Room Fax: 269-445-4486

Probate Court File Room Phone: 269-445-4454
Probate Court File Room Fax: 269-445-4453      

Juvenile Division File Room Phone: 269-445-4444
Juvenile Division File Room Fax: 269-445-1146

Friend of the Court 

Friend of the Court Phone: 269-445-4436
Friend of the Court Fax: 269-445-4435                             

43rd Circuit Court Judicial Staff Phone: 269-445-4412
43rd Circuit Court Judicial Staff Fax: 269-445-4485
4th District Court Judicial Staff Phone: 269-445-4415
4th District Court Judicial Staff Fax: 269-445-4486
Probate Court Judicial Staff Phone: 269-445-4452
Probate Court Judicial Staff Fax: 269-445-4485       



43rd Circuit Court

Judge, Honorable Mark A. Herman
Chief Judge, Honorable Carol Montavon Bealor
Court Administrator, Sarah Mathews, JD, CCE
Judicial Assistant, Julia Snyder
Judicial Assistant, Amanda Haley
Paralegal/Bailiff, Nicholas Klinger

43rd Circuit Court File Room

Clerk/Register of Deeds, Monica McMichael
File Room Supervisor, Emily Bogue
Deputy Clerk, Texas Brooks
Deputy Clerk, Open Position

Family/Juvenile Court

Judge, Honorable Carol Montavon Bealor
Court Administrator, Sarah Mathews, JD, CCE
Attorney Referee, Leigh A. Feldman
Juvenile Register/Financial Officer, Sharon Underwood
Deputy Juvenile Register, Claire Collins
Judicial Assistant, Erin Brewer
Judicial Assistant, MaryJo Coughenour
Bailiff, Dee Duszynski
Juvenile Probation Officer, Alexi Fuller                                  Juvenile Probation Officer, Barbara Daniels                        Juvenile Probation Officer, Kate Oosterwal

Probate Court

Judge, Honorable Carol Montavon Bealor
Probate Register, Kelley James-Jura, JD
Deputy Probate Register, Lizzie Mesko-Prout
Probate Court Clerk, Cheryl Hess
Court Administrator, Sarah Mathews, JD, CCE

Friend of the Court

Director, Sarah Mathews, JD, CCE
Deputy Friend of the Court, Ravan Bakeman, CCM
Attorney Referee, Melissa Sytsma
Casework Supervisor, Tracie Kuriata
Casework Supervisor, April McKee
Rev/Mod & PT Specialist, Chelsea Olkowski
Interstate & PT Specialist, Kari Lee
Financial Caseworker, Cheri Warrell
Enforcement Caseworker, Wendy Colburn
Order Entry Specialist, Lindsey Muzzey
Clerk/Scheduler, Open Position
Program Services Coordinator, Amanda Wicker
Receptionist, Holly Brooks

4th District Court

Judge, Honorable Stacey A. Rentfrow
Bailiff/Magistrate, Chris Rockafellow
Probation Officer, Tasia Roberts
Probation Officer/Magistrate, Roianne Pangle
Judicial Assistant, Audra Springsteen
Court Administrator/Magistrate, Lisa Withers
Deputy Civil Clerk, Sheila Brown
Deputy Criminal/Traffic Clerk, Sydnie Wellman                              Deputy Collections/Civil Clerk, Valerie Clark
Deputy Criminal Clerk, Stacy Roush
Deputy Traffic Clerk, Ana Johnson

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: This website is intended to provide you with general information and forms regarding court proceedings. The Court and the Court’s staff are prohibited by law from providing legal advice and assistance in completing forms. The information, forms, and instructions are intended to provide general information concerning filing procedures and may be useful as a guide. This is the only assistance that can be provided by the court’s staff. If, after reviewing this information, you have any questions or need assistance in completing the forms consider contacting an attorney for assistance.