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a process to help you resolve your own case

The FOC is required by law to make mediation services available to parties when there is a dispute as to custody and/or parenting time. Domestic relations mediation provides an alternative to resolve custody and parenting time disputes. In Cass County, most custody and parenting time matters go through the mediation process before they are heard by the Court.

Mediation is a process that parties can use to reach their own agreements without going to court. Generally, the child’s best interests are better served when a mother and a father reach a mutually agreeable solution to the difficult problems of child custody and parenting time. By actively participating in the decision-making process with the aid of a trained domestic relations expert, the parties are more inclined to live by and respect the agreements and avoid disputes. The mediator (the neutral person who helps the parties reach an agreement) cannot reveal to the court or anyone else the discussions the parties had during the mediation process. The person who mediates in the case cannot later investigate any disputes between the parties or enforce any court orders regarding the case.