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Requests for Involuntary Mental Health Treatment are processed through the Probate Court under the provisions of the Mental Health Code. Specifically, the Cass County Probate Court has jurisdiction over any resident of the county or an individual that is found in Cass County. When a petition for mental health treatment is filed along with the required accompanying documentation, a hearing will be scheduled and notice will be provided to all interested parties. In addition, an attorney will be appointed for the subject of the petition. If the Court determines that the person meets the statutory definition of a “Person Requiring Treatment,” the Court may order that the individual be hospitalized for a period of time, or take part in Assisted Outpatient Treatment, or a combination of both.

If you have specific questions regarding mental health treatment and services in Cass County, please contact our local community mental health, Woodlands Behavioral Healthcare Network.

Please note that the Mental Health court forms can be accessed through the State Court Administrative Offices.


A minor’s parent or guardian may request voluntary hospitalization of a minor without Court involvement. However, the Court will become involved if a Petition and Order Regarding Transport of Minor, PCM 240, is filed. The request may be granted if the Court is satisfied that a reasonable effort was made to transport the minor. The Order for Transport allows a peace officer to take the minor into protective custody and transport the minor to the designated hospital for evaluation and/or hospitalization. Following admission to the hospital, the minor can object to hospitalization. After the Court has received the objection, an attorney will be appointed for the minor, and a hearing will be held within seven days.