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Probate Court Fees

Inventory Fee Calculator

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Filing Fees

The Michigan Probate Court Fee and Distribution Schedule is located at Filing Fees. This schedule outlines the fees to be charged, and the distribution of fees collected, in Michigan probate courts. It also details the situations in which no fee is to be charged.

Effective March 1, 2016, courts shall collect a $25.00 “electronic filing system fee” in addition to the $150.00 filing fee for commencing a civil action. This additional fee includes, but is not limited to, estates, guardianships, conservatorship and trust matters. If you have fee related questions please contact the Cass County Probate Court at 269-445-4454.


How the Inventory Fee is Calculated

An inventory fee is due on all decedent estates.  The amount owed is calculated according to MCL 600.871(1).  Please see the Inventory Calculator above to determine the fee.



Guardianships $175.00
Conservatorship $175.00
Protective Order $175.00
Decedent Estate $175.00 + Inventory fee
Trust Supervision $175.00
Subsequent Petitions, Motions, or Objections $20.00
Accounts and Amended Accounts $20.00
Claims $20.00
Will Filed for Safekeeping $25.00
Small Estates $25.00 + Inventory fee
Certified Copies and Letters of Authority First page $11.00, each additional page is $1.00
Inventory Fee (based on gross estate) $5.00 and up. See above inventory calculator
Guardianship of Developmentally Disabled Individual No fee for the initial guardianship petition.
Petition for Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment No fee
Copies (Not Certified) $1.00 per page